Dr. Judith and Wayne Rolfs   

Tamara Swan Hummert

Grandmother and Grandfather's Eulogy for Drew Swan

A Mother's Eulogy for Drew Swan

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you, two simple words but we write them with huge sincerity and deep gratitude. Your outpouring of love and prayers following the sudden death of our twenty-four-year old beloved grandson, Drew, has astounded us. Such love! So many of you have literally ached with us as we grieved his death. Those first days of shock were very tough.

We continue to be saddened by our loss – if you knew Drew you can understand – he moved among people with unique charisma and reverent respect for each individual. To be with him was to become even more energized about life. He loved nature, delighted in even the size of radishes and the perfection of a single flower and listened to Harvard business school podcasts for fun because he loved ideas and learning.

It’s not a surprise that God would take Drew’s soul to be with him. It’s probably a wonder that God allowed him to be among us as long as he was. A disclaimer: All our grandchildren are extraordinary (as are yours if you’re a parent or grandparent ) but even his cousins knew Drew radiated a special kind of joy. I’m not implying he was perfect, he certainly wasn’t. He spent a year and a half battling addictions and trying to make sense of a world that wasn’t perfect and people who disappointed him and the beauty of it is DREW DID figure it out! He got his life together, worked two jobs with a passion for perfection and for serving others and was focused on sharing the spiritual truths he’d learned. His primary truth: God is real, God can always be depended upon (just like his Grandpa Wayne he often said) and heaven is a worthy goal for each of us.

In the two months before Drew died he started writing an inspirational blog that more than 2000 people have read. Even for one so young Drew lived with an awareness of the importance of keeping an eye on the goal of eternity with God. He shared this in his writings on Facebook and his blogs and in his last conversation with his brother, going through the travail of medical school studies: “Remember Jack, it’s all about Jesus.”

Drew's personal journal entries always ended with ACTS –adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication. Tamara read from his journal at his funeral: “Entry 1/9/2013 There is SO much I want out of life and so much God wants out of me. I am so blessed to be called His son, to do His will. He requires everything though, and whatever I give Him always brings fruit. Hold up. Everything I give to God bears fruit in my life. What am I waiting for! Today Lord I give You God my all in mind, body and spirit. Search my heart, and use me as you will. I pray your power in my life be shown and your will be done. You are real. You love me. You want me to know you. Take control today. Lord, in spite of all my sin and shortcomings, my heart is yours, AMEN!”

So dear friends, in answer to your question how are we doing, we are good, truly, yet those tears still pop up unexpectedly. I hear Drew speak phrases in my mind that stir sweet memories. But we’re all committed to moving forward knowing someone special has lived among us. Our prayers for Drew’s victory over drugs were realized. He died peacefully in his bed with no illegal drugs in his body. Three weeks later we still don’t have a cause of death even after autopsy and pathology reports, but we know he still lives on in heaven because our grandson dedicated himself totally to Christ.

We mourn our loss with supreme peace that God’s will and purpose have been completed for his life. Thank you for the comfort your love and prayers gave us. May you be blessed and also know the incomparable riches God has in store for all those who love Him.
If you didn’t know Drew well but would like to meet him, you can read his blogs at www.drewswan.com For those of you who couldn't attend any of his memorials you can watch the one put on by his amazing friends in Florida http://tinyurl.com/ckj4unj (set the viewing bar in 25 minutes to bypass intro music), or view one of the slide shows at www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SPfkqr1iXg? or perhaps watch Drew sing one of the songs he wrote: You gotta have faith.www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvB4cr9hSoA?

-Drew's Grandmother, Dr. Judith Rolfs  http://www.judithrolfs.blogspot.com/